Episode 65

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26th Mar 2024

Paraverse: Eerie Theories Episode 11

Get ready for a spine-tingling journey into the world of cryptid creatures and haunted locations, as Eerie Theories unveils its latest episode. Join our hosts as they jump into the mysteries of the legendary Chupacabra, the enigmatic Lady of the Dunes, the ghostly inhabitants of the London Underground, and the haunting tales of the Hat Man.

First on our list of mysterious entities is the legendary Chupacabra, a cryptid creature said to roam the night, preying on livestock and striking fear into the hearts of those who encounter it. Explore the origins of this elusive creature and the sightings that have sparked both curiosity and terror across the globe. Is the Chupacabra a flesh-and-blood predator or something far more sinister?

Next, we unravel the mystery of the Lady of the Dunes, an unidentified woman whose brutal murder remained unsolved until a recent revelation finally explained what happened, and finally identified her. Delve into the chilling details of this cold case and the eerie circumstances surrounding the discovery of her body on a beach. Could the Lady of the Dunes hold the key to unlocking the secrets of her demise?

Venture into the depths of the London Underground, where the ghostly echoes of the past linger among the tunnels and stations. Hear the tales of spectral apparitions and paranormal encounters reported by commuters and workers alike. What restless spirits haunt the subterranean passages beneath the bustling city streets?

Then, prepare to confront the sinister presence of the Hat Man, a shadowy figure often associated with feelings of dread and malevolence. Explore the chilling accounts of those who claim to have encountered this mysterious entity in the dead of night. Who is the Hat Man, and what dark intentions lie behind his haunting presence?

Don't miss out on this gripping episode as we uncover the secrets of cryptid creatures and spectral beings that defy explanation. Subscribe to Paraverse Live Show & Podcast Series on your preferred podcast platform, and join us on a journey through the realms of the unknown and the unexplained.

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Paraverse - Live show and podcast series
Paraverse Live Show & Podcast Series consists of 5 shows currently. Our flagship live show is where the hosts either research and discuss a topic at length or interview a guest on their field of expertise or personal experiences. Illuminate Me, where we discuss conspiracy theories we have found online and the likelihood that they may be true. Eerie theories, in which we look into urban legends and strange experiences people claim to have had. Our 2 newest shows, Forgotten Unsolved, our cold case and unsolved mysteries podcast & Tin Foil Chats, where we ask you for your conspiracy theories, and you can try to convince us and our listeners.
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About your hosts

Nathan Lockley

Profile picture for Nathan Lockley
Hi, I'm Nath, one of the many hosts of the Paraverse live show & podcast series. I am a UFO investigator, paranormal researcher and author of 'The Unexplained: Paranormal Encounters In The UK'. I started the Paraverse live show with Gaz Brown in 2021, and it has grown much more since then.

Luna Lockley

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I'm Luna! I’m one of the co-hosts of Eerie Theories and Illuminate Me on Paraverse. I love all things creepy and am quite the tin foil hat-wearing weirdo 🙂

Natasha Young

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Like a ghost, I'm seen before I'm heard! I’ve lived my whole life around the paranormal and I'm keen to learn about what goes bump in the night, and why. I'm also moderately obsessed with Mothman's ass!

Stacey Michelle

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Hi I'm Stacey one of the newest members of the paraverse team! Would you believe I got invited to join the podcast by spending hours on end (usually when I'm meant to be working 😂) talking about the weird and wonderful mysteries of the world with luna and nath who I have known for around 10 years now. Time flies when your exchanging ghost stories and conspiracy theories!

Gaz Brown

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For as long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with all things Science and Astronomy and I felt quite sure that I had a somewhat basic grasp on the laws of physics and the world we live in as a whole. In the early 80s however, I came upon a TV show called "Arthur C Clark's Mysterious World" and I was hooked!

And after several hundred investigations later... I'm still hooked. Most of my time recently has been taken up with studying the UAP phenomenon and the subject of many online shows I've hosted over the years. My research continues to this day with more questions than ever and together with my Co-host Nath, we endeavour to find answers on our Paraverse Live show.